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Wire Mesh Filters

Filter Disks are used for the production of Polyester Fiber Yarns. They combine long service life with excellent service properties.
HAST Filter Disks can be classified in series according to the geometrical opening of the weave, the number of layers specified, the selected fineness, the parallelism of wires and thickness of layers predetermined by the compression pressure. They constitute reproduceable filter media with identical pore structure, hold capacity, through flow behaviour and definable pressure drop.

Widest possible range from 20 mesh to 500 mesh upto 2 micron.
Woven Wire Mesh in materials like S.S. and non ferrous metals such as copper, monel, nickel can be supplied.
Can be supplied in roll /pieces /strips /disk /filter form.
Multi layer fabricated filters as per customer's requirement can be supplied.
Calendered screens to withstand high presure can be supplied.
Easily cleanable with excellent durability.
Superior mechanical strength for problem free processing.
Higher heat stability.
Higher physical & chemical resistance.
Wire Mesh Filters Wire Mesh Filters Wire Mesh Filters, Wire Mesh Wire Mesh Filters Wire Mesh Filters
Ultrasonic Cleaning for Filter
Ultrasonic Cleaning for Filter - Wire Mesh Filters

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